• Phyto2 | Quality Live Phytoplanton
    Phyto2 provides living Phytoplankton cells to your reef aquaria

    Phyto2 - Allow your reef to reach its full potential

    PHYTO2 is the first of its kind lab grade aquatic feed, providing living Phytoplankton cells to your reef aquaria.

    Phyto2 is certified to be a pure culture, genuine aquaculture quality and an environmentally friendly product
  • Live Copepods and Zooplankton

    The first retail available copepod product, allowing aquarists to supercharge their systems with natural feeding opportunities. Adding live tropical copepods to refufia boosts output & biodiversity!

  • Get a coral reaction!

    A nutritious diet specially designed scientifically for both Photosynthetic and Non-Photosynthetic coral, Gorgonia and larval fish.

  • Live & Enriched Quality

    Aqua-Tech Co. is providing your reef aquaria the best, to allow your captive specimens to reach their Full potential

  • Aqua-Tech Co. offers free samples on reefs.com as part of the sexy AND smart campeign.

  • Aqua-Tech Co will be a premier exhibitor and supporter of Aquatic Experience Chicago! T-shirts, samples and that great microscope.

  • Aqua-Tech Co. becomes the Diamond sponsor of "RAW" Regional Aquatics Workshop MardiRAW.

Allow your reef to reach it's full potential..
This is much more than a tagline. Aqua-Tech Co. products strive to bring your captive reef closer to nature through products that fulfull the natures cycles.

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